• The Art of Well-Being


    Life Coaching and Expressive Art Workshops


    “Canadian doctors now prescribe art as a method of healing.”

    – CBC News, Oct. 12, 2018




    My name is Joyce and I'm a certified life coach and expressive art facilitator in Montreal. I am pleased to offer a variety of art and coaching services that are designed to help you achieve your goals and improve overall well-being.


    Expressive Art Workshops: mindfulness, self-discovery, and personal development through the use of therapeutic art activities.


    Life Coaching: new perspectives, action plans, and goal achievement through powerful conversations and therapeutic art activities.


    Please browse my website and email me with any questions you may have.

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    How Art Heals

    • Self-discovery: Art-making offers a gentle and creative healing process that takes you on a journey of self-discovery and connection to your inner world.
    • Mindfulness: Art-making combines the therapeutic benefits of mindfulness with the transformational magic of art-making.
    • Self-esteem: The art-making process gives you a feeling of accomplishment which can improve self-compassion and confidence.
    • Emotional release: Art-making gives you a healthy outlet for expressing and letting go of your feelings and fears.
    • Stress relief: Art-making helps to reduce stress and relax your mind and body.
    • Expressive art making taps into the intuitive wisdom that guides us all and works towards many levels of personal change and growth – spiritual, emotional, and physical.
    • Art-making benefits everyone, regardless of artistic experience or talent.

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    Art Workshops

    Expressive art workshops can be tailored to your specific audience and needs

    SoulCollage® Workshops

    Create small collage cards that reveal what your soul wants you to know

    SoulCollage® is a powerful and creative card-making process that uses collage and intuitive writing as transformational tools for self-discovery, personal development and spiritual growth.


    During a SoulCollage® workshop you use your intuition to create small collage cards using magazine images, scissors and glue. You then learn how to "write from your cards" to discover what personal and hidden meanings your SoulCollage® cards reveal to you.


    To learn more: soulcollage.com


    Six-Word Memoirs® Workshops

    Get to the essence of what matters most

    Legend has it that Ernest Hemingway was once challenged to write a story in only six words. His response? “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”


    Welcome to Six-Word Memoirs®. Writing in Six Words is a simple, creative way to get to the essence of anything – from the breaking news of the day, to your own life and the way you live it.


    Six-Word Memoirs® is a simple way to engage and inspire anyone and everyone to get to the essence of who they are and what matters most.


    To learn more: sixwordmemoirs.com


    Vision Board Workshops

    Visualize and manifest the life of your dreams

    Vision Boards are powerful art collages created from images you choose from magazines or personal photos. The images can be very specific, like a picture of a house you would love to own, or they can be images that evoke a feeling, like a picture of a woman meditating that makes you feel deeply peaceful.


    The deep truth behind Vision Boards is this: When you surround yourself with images of who you want to become, what you want to have, or where you want to live or vacation, your life changes to match those desires. Your attention is that powerful.


    Art & Soul Oracle Card Workshops

    Find hidden answers and surprising solutions

    Tap into your unconscious and find deep insight and thought-provoking messages with this unique and inspiring deck of cards featuring original artwork by artist and life coach Joyce Cohen.


    Pick a card and allow it to "speak to you". Get in touch with your inner-self and find hidden answers and surprising solutions. Explore options, perspectives, and possibilities that you didn’t see before.


    To learn more about the therapeutic uses of Art & Soul cards, please email Joyce

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    Life Coaching

    Find creative solutions and achieve your goals


    As your life coach, I will help you deal with the practical, everyday issues that are preventing you from moving forward in your life. In a calm and relaxed atmosphere, we will work together as you find new perspectives, increased confidence, laser focus, and creative solutions.

    Why work with me?

    • You need a thinking partner to help you clarify and set goals
    • You are looking for new perspectives and insights in dealing with your challenges
    • You want to learn how to use art and creativity to explore your issues
    • You are ready to set goals and create an action plan towards achieving them
    • You want an accountability partner to track your progress and motivate you to achieve your goals
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    Let's Talk

    Please contact me for more about life coaching or expressive art workshops

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    About Joyce

    Joyce Cohen, BFA, PPCC, is a certified life coach who uses therapeutic art activities as creative tools to help her clients manage difficult situations, get unstuck and move forward in their lives.


    Joyce is also a professional workshop leader and SoulCollage® facilitator. Her passion is leading inspiring creative workshops that foster mindfulness, self-discovery and personal well-being.

    Joyce is the founder of the Côte Saint-Luc Art Hive, a free community drop-in art studio that welcomes everyone as an artist. To learn more: csllibrary.org


    She has also been a long time volunteer at AMI-Québec (Action on Mental Illness) where she is a board member, leads creative workshops and facilitates support groups. To learn more: amiquebec.org


    Joyce is a mother, artist, professional graphic designer, holistic health enthusiast and life-long learner.

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    Just completed the last class of the SoulCollage Workshop and it has been a wonderful experience... a real eye-opener. I really appreciated Joyce's gentle guidance into this intuitive way of accessing one's inner landscape, and providing a window into my true deep-seated expression vis-a-vis so many important areas of my life. As I look over my six soul collage boards, particular themes emerged, and I can see where I have come from, where I am now, and where I would like to go... so thank you Joyce for this valuable tool! – E.C.


    Joyce's SoulCollage workshop was an amazing experience, enriching, enlightening and even fun! Under Joyce's gentle guidance, I felt comfortable creating collages that gave me surprising and helpful insights. For someone who thought she had no "artistic" ability, I'm thrilled with my collages. I can't wait until her next series begins – I'm hooked! – Ellen


    As I came back home today – I looked at my card. It reminded me of a trip in the Himalayas few years ago – a pilgrimage to Mount-Kailash, Tibet. I remember the exhilaration and joy I felt on top of that mountain – air was so rarified (+6,000 meters in altitude) and how BREATH had been my refuge and still is … so I renamed my card PRANA … and as the card suggests I will put more emphasis on breathwork (called pranayamas) in my own practice and teaching. I'm always amazed to see what guidance SoulCollage has to reveal to us. – Merci, Louise


    It is Sunday morning a day of quiet and rest. I awake and I am happy, my heart smiles as I prepare for my SoulCollage session with Joyce and the others who will have chosen to come. Sunday morning seems the perfect day to do SoulCollage because everything comes together to facilitate this time of reflection, even the city is enveloped in a Sabbath hush.


    When I first heard the words “soul collage” I wondered what this could mean. “Soul” a word rarely used except when referring to our deepest self, the place where God dwells within us. After having participated in several sessions I now know what it means for me. SoulCollage is my gift to myself, a time to step back, to be silent, to reach deep within myself so I can hear what God is trying to say to me. I get so caught up in the daily fragmentation of life that I often lose sight of the bigger picture. When this happens I slowly but surely meander away from my true core. SoulCollage provides me with the tools I need to bring myself back to my center, where I can once again connect with the wholeness of my person, evaluate the state of my relationships and literally “touch” the stardust of my life.


    If someone were to ask me what word immediately comes to mind when you hear the words soul collage, I would have to say gentleness.Everything about the session is marked by gentleness, the surroundings, the participants, the process, our facilitator. A wonderful added dimension is what happens within the group at every session. Although each one quietly works alone on her collage there is a special bonding that occurs and a unique form of friendship is created. I can’t put into words ... it has to be experienced!!! – Pat


    Last year I had the privilege of participating in one of Joyce’s Soul Collage workshops. This was the first time that I have done anything of this nature. I have never considered myself to be a very artistic person and don’t spend any of my time in creative pursuits. The workshop allowed me to take a little time to do something creative without any pressure concerning the final product. In fact it is quite the opposite: the process of making the Soul Collage is what’s important and the finished collage is the incidental culmination of that process. I am a dedicated Yoga practitioner and the larger part of my Yoga practice has to so with self-reflection. What I found most interesting with my Soul Collage experience is finding a similar opportunity to learn about myself. After examining my completed collage it became clear that my choices about what to cut-out and what to include in my collage speaks volumes about myself. If we extend this logic, we can see that in life all our choices say something about ourselves and contribute to the “collage” that we live. – Sacha